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Gald (ガルド, Garudo?) is the currency used in the Tales series. It was originally gold but renamed gald some time after the release of Tales of Phantasia. It has since followed this naming pattern. Gald can be acquired through a number of means, including chests, monster drops, and selling items to shops. Likewise, shops typically only accept Gald for purchases, though in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2, Lens can be exchanged for Gald in certain shops. Carrying over the player's Gald is one of the Grade Shop options in several games.


  • As noted in the Viva - Tales Of! Orange Gumi DVD, the purchasing power of Gald has varied over time in the series. For example, Leather Armor's price has fluctuated from 120 Gald in Tales of Phantasia, to 275 Gald in Tales of Rebirth, to 300 Gald in Tales of Eternia, to 350 Gald in Tales of Destiny.

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