Galenos Sprite (ToE)
Game Tales of Eternia
Hometown Luishka
Age 76
Height 165 cm
Weight 58 kg
Race Celestian
Occupation Craymel Engineer
Japanese Voice Actor Takeshi Aono

Galenos (ガレノス Garenosu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Eternia.



Although Galenos's family is never revealed, he is close with Meredy, his protege, which means a lot to him. In the course of his research, he invented the Elara Phone, a device that allows verbal communication over long distances but only common in the Celestian cities of Luishka and Imen. He also created the Craymel Express, a train that connects various cities in Celestia, as well as the Craymel Craft, a spaceship of sorts capable of bridging the gap between Celestia and Inferia. The Parasol device is another of his inventions, allowing Meredy and Keele Zeibel to immerse Greater Craymels in their Craymel Cages. Galenos was once a good friend of Shizel and her family because she sought refuge with him when they were persecuted by Birial.

Role in the Plot

Galenos is the first character seen in the story, depicted in the opening animated cutscene. Near his Craymel Craft, which Meredy is prepared to board, he asks her if she is ready for departure. He bids her farewell before the ship transports her to the world of Inferia. Much later in the story, Galenos makes another appearance after the heroes reach Celestia and take shelter in Imen for the time being. Meredy phones to tell him that she would like to introduce him to her friends, so they travel to Luishka but find it in ruins.

The group finds Galenos in a miraculously in-tact building and begin to ask him questions. He explains the concept of Fibrill to them but states that there is no Inferian equivalent for it, describing it as a "force". Although this confuses them as to why Nereid would possess Fibrill, being a god of destruction, Galenos explains that Fibrill can be used for both creation and destruction. So far, he has only been able to examine Meredy's Fibrill, making Reid Hershel's Fibrill, that of Seyfert, a mystery to him. Galenos requests that Reid undergo some tests for his research; Reid agrees and stays overnight.

In the absence of the heroes, Galenos encounters Rassius Luine and learns from him of the Trials of Seyfert. After Ras's death, Galenos informs Reid about his examinations so he can learn to use the Divine Aurora artes. After this, he requests that the heroes take him to the Shileska Freedom Army because he would like to be of greater use there. Galenos reassures Farah Oersted aboard the Van Eltia that Ras sacrificed himself in an example that one should follow his or her own path, not be instructed by others to do what feels right. In Tinnsia, Galenos receives a warm welcome from Max and Ayla and explains that he can help them with his knowledge of Aurora artes.

Later in the story, Galenos appears at the Craymel Cannon in the courtyard of Balir's Castle. He brings with him a final message from Ras for Roen Lamoa, who is in a difficult situation due to Hyades having taking Ayla hostage. Finally, Galenos asks the heroes to take him to the Seyfert Observatory, where he and Keele discover that the Grand Fall is imminent and cannot be stopped once it reaches a critical point. Like the heroes, he will be flung to either Celestia or Inferia upon the destruction of the Seyfert Ring's core in the Orbus Barrier, a fate unknown.

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