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Gall Gruner
Gall Gruner (ToH-R)
Appearance Tales of Hearts R
Age 45
Height 187 cm
Weight 88 kg
Race Organican
Weapon Soma Astore
(Hatchet and Machete)
Japanese Voice Actor Hideo Ishikawa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Gall Gruner (ガラド・グリナス Garado Gurinasu?, "Galando Grinus") is a protagonist in Tales of Hearts R. He is a wandering Somatic who wields the Soma Astore (アストーレ?), which takes the form of his shoulder pads that manifest as a machete-axe combination.


Twenty years prior to the events of the story, Gall lost his wife and daughter to the disease despir. Stricken by grief and anger, he refused to allow any more victims, so he took up arms and became a wandering Somatic. He first meets Kor Meteor, Hisui Hearts, and Kohaku Hearts in the Twilight Forest, where Kohaku has been stricken by an intense case of despir, leaving her a hollow shell of her former self. Kor and Hisui degenerate into an argument over how to handle Kohaku's inability to cross a bridge, and he is disgusted over the fact that they're neglecting Kohaku. Gall forces Kohaku to cross, breaking the stalemate. He then decides to join Kor and Hisui on their journey, lending his expertise in what is the worst case of despir he's ever seen and unable to trust Kor and Hisui to do the job properly. He then saves the group from a monster that seems to defy the laws of the world, bringing it in line with the one they are in.

Gall acts as a mature influence over the traveling party. The oldest and most worldly fighter of them all, he is a mentor to the group's young travelers and plays well off of Ines Lorenzen, the other adult of the group. Journeying with the group allows him to grow as a fighter upon realizing that, despite his travels, he's only skimmed the surface of despir. Gall eventually takes part in the operation to save the world from Creed Graphite's attempts to use Gardenia, the mother of xeroms and the ultimate source of despir, to calcify Organica. With this done, Gall finally avenges his deceased family.

Gall also has connections to the mysterious Triverse Gate, filled with monsters not native to their world. When all is complete, Gall returns through the Triverse Gate. He addresses the soldiers on the other side, led by QQ Selezneva, and offers up his Soma as a souvenir.

Appearance and Personality[]

Gall Avatar (PSN)

Avatar from PlayStation Network.

Gall has heathered gray hair, tied in a ponytail reaching down his back, as well as a beard. He also has black goggles where his eyes can be seen. His default attire consists of a primrose shirt, tapestry-purple gloves, a mongoose-colored scarf around the waist, a hemlock-colored belt, black pants and grey shoes.

Gall is a mature through jaded person, having been traveling for the last twenty years. He knows much about the world and is upfront about his knowledge, doing his best to guide his young friends forward and help them grow. He does, however, have his own vices and moments of impatience. He is stalwart but a little distant, offering little of personal details save for bits about why he journeys.

Fighting Style[]

Gall Cut-in (ToH-R)

Cut-in image for Firebird Tornado Tales of Hearts R.

Gall is a jack-of-all-trades puppeteer fighter who specializes in Fire- and Earth-elemental attacks. His fighting style is unique in that he can throw his axe, which can then be controlled through the use of artes while still in the air. At the same time, he can close in and use melee strikes, allowing him to choose the range in which he confronts his enemies. Gall also has a selection of will artes he can use to target enemies from even farther, as well as a single area healing spell, Geotherapy. His mystic arte is Firebird Tornado. He also uses the dual mystic artes Velvet Gloves and Hell-Forged with Ines Lorenzen and Kunzite respectively. His unique Soma Build category is Virility (剛健 Gouken?, "Sturdiness").



Gall Gruner (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

  • Gall shares a voice actor with Pierre de Chaltier. This connection is referenced with his joke weapon, "Destiny", whose machete appearance is that of Chaltier's Swordian.
  • Gall's casting circle for his will artes is different from his party members. It is the first hint of his other-worldliness, as he shares this casting circle with Kongwai Tao of Tales of Innocence R, who also had connections to worlds other than the one he appeared in.
  • The name "Gall" is a name of Celtic origin meaning "foreigner," and the surname, "Gruner," is a German name meaning "one from a place of greenery," hinting to Gall's connections to QQ's world.