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The Southern Country of Galpos (南の国ガルポス Garuposu?) is a nation in Tales of Innocence. It is the home country of the antagonist Sian Tenebro.


Galpos is a large island located in the world's southern hemisphere. Its capital city that shares its name rests on the northern part of the island and, like many capitals, near the sea. Apart from its capital city, the only area of interest is the nearby Galpos Jungle (ガルポスジャングル Garuposujanguru?), located southeast of the capital and where Sian and a mysterious old man live. The group ventures here in order to learn more about their past lives, and they are forced into a confrontation with Sian inside. Galpos is a very hot country with an abundance of various fruits, which are processed into gels and shipped to battlefields.


At some point prior to the events of the story, Galpos lost in the world's current war and was colonized by Regnum. Tension appears to be relatively low, however, as Regnum has taken the responsibility of defending Galpos. Due to the country's natural commodities and lax lifestyle, even the rich from Regnum and Tenos seek to purchase land on the large island, and Spada Belforma even mentions that his family owns a villa there. Regnum's policies in the region have resulted in the deforestation of nearby areas for the sake of farm and plantation production of goods. This, in turn, has resulted in animals being hunted and attacking farmsteads for food, one particular case being Sian and his two dogs. In spite of war and colonization, however, Galpos's gentle atmosphere has remain unchanged. Due to typhoons and floods being common in the region, the people once worshiped the dragon deity Vritra.



  • Many locations in the game mirror real-world locations. Galpos shares many similarities with the American state of Hawaii, including its culture, geographical location, and having been colonized by Regnum, which mirrors the U.S.'s unlawful annexation of Hawaii.