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Ganabelt Valkyris
Lord Ganabelt Valkyris Battle Portrait (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Race Renan
Occupation Lord of Cyslodia
Weapon Rapier
Japanese Voice Actor •Jouji Nakata (Ganabelt)
•Katsuhiko Kawamoto (Meneck)
English Voice Actor •Kyle McCarley (Ganabelt)[1]
•Christian La Monte (Meneck)[2]

Ganabelt Valkyris (ガナベルト・ファルキリス Ganaberuto Farukirisu?) is an antagonist in Tales of Arise. He is the "Lord of light" and ruler of Cyslodia. A master of subterfuge, he sows mistrust among Dahnans by encouraging informants to betray their own people, exerting authority with minimum effort.


Ganabelt is one of the Five Lords who compete in the Crown Contest to become Sovereign. He rules over Cyslodia from Cysloden, gathering light astral energy though giant floodlights that his Dahnan slaves work on and causing Cyslodia to be cloaked in eternal night. His rule over his realm is marked by how he sets the Dahnan populace against each other; the Dahnans inform on and sell each other out to his secret police, the Bureau of Civil Observation, all the while making it difficult for resistance groups to form. To additionally foment discord, he assumes the role of Meneck (メネック Menekku?), leader of the Silver Swords, while leaving a body double to act as Ganabelt.

With all of his knowledge and information, he is able to set a trap at Messia 224 that uses Law's existence as Zephyr's son to capture Zephyr and take him to Cysloden, drawing Alphen and Shionne Imeris there as well. At Cysloden, he greets them as Meneck and uses the opportunity to stage an attack on the Silver Swords, wiping out a fair portion of them while letting Alphen and Shionne escape. Ganabelt then schedules Zephyr's public execution in an attempt to break the public's will, but rather than breaking himself, Zephyr instead gives a speech to inspire them to rebellion. Law defects from the Bureau and rescues his father. Ganabelt takes the opportunity to pretend to provide reinforcements with the other Silver Swords but instead backstabs Zephyr using a poison that is resistant to Shionne's healing artes. They are able to flee, but Ganabelt is prepared for them at Riville Prison Tower.

There, Ganabelt clashes with the party, intending to deal with the threat posed by the Blazing Sword. He is ultimately defeated when Law uppercuts him into his own spirit vessel, where he is electrocuted by the gathered energy. As he struggles to reach for his master core, lamenting the fate that will befall his Renan subjects, he eventually perishes.

Appearance and Personality

Ganabelt is a tall man in a white outfit with a refined poise. He prefers subterfuge to direct power, able to manipulate the feelings of the populace. As Meneck, he is well-liked and respected as a leader, which makes his betrayal all the more shocking. As revealed during the party's time at Lenegis, Ganabelt ultimately cares a great deal for the Renan people, doing everything he can for them.

Fighting Style

Ganabelt specializes in a mixture of swordplay and Light-elemental astral artes. He can fire balls of electricity and performs lunges that cross a considerable distance while leaving lightning in his wake. He is defended by Renan technology to form shields. To complement his potent capabilities, he can also create impostors of himself that can also use many of his techniques.