Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Hometown Ailily
Age 74
Height 146 cm
Weight 48 kg
Race Human
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Naoki Tatsuta
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Ganser (ガンゼル Ganzeru?) is one of the main villains in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. The player first encounters him in Ailily. He has a hat and walks with a staff in his hands, bending like he has a hunchback.



As stated by the citizens in the game, Ganser was just a weak old man in the past, incapable of doing anything. Then, thanks to a deal with Widdershin, he suddenly became strong and rose in power. He gained his own soldiers and took over the village of Ailily. In the present, Ganser holds the village and its citizens with an iron fist, taking large taxes and banishes those who go against him.

Battle against Ad Libitum

Sometime before the Protagonist is born, a guild named Ad Libitum was founded, and its Ailily chapter's main goal was to stop Ganser and free the town. However, although Ganser is suspicious of them, they hide their proofs well, and for him, they are only a guild that tries to help the citizens to be able to pay taxes. One day, his men catch Kanonno spying in the Orphic Maze, and take her prisoner. He is told by Widdershin to start the human sacrifices so that the world of Gilgulim may grow stronger. Just as he goes to take the banished citizens from Ailily, the Protagonist and Mormo come to save them. Ganser runs over to the Gilgulim node, where he is caught up to, and fights them in order to use them as sacrifices. After he loses the battle, he can hear Widdershin's voice, telling him that he is a failure. Ganser begs for one more chance, but instead vanished, killed by Widdershin.

Final Battle in Gilgulim

During the final dungeon, Ganser comes back to life thanks to the deal with Widdershin, and tries once again to defeat the party. When he loses once again and dies for real, Mormo states that Ganser wasted his freedom for powers, and so they would never let him take Ad Libitum's freedom.

Appearance and Personality

Ganser shows off as a mad and slightly sadistic man who only cares for himself. He is also power-hungry, practically selling his soul to Widdershin for power, and also holds Ailily in an iron fist. As stated by Mormo, it was this hunger for power that took away his freedom.

Fighting Style

The player battles him in two different places: Orphic Maze and Gilgulim. In the first battle, he fights with two "Greater Knights" at his side. During the second battle against him, he will cast his spells faster, with some really high-power artes, and have two "Geopsitis" alongside him. He will also use his staff to spit out poison to put Physical Ailments on the party.