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Gaoracchia Forest
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Sybakian Continent

Gaoracchia Forest is a maze-like forest that separates Meltokio from Ozette and Mizuho in Tales of Symphonia. Within the forest are light-sensitive plants that react to the Sorcerer's Ring once it gains the power of light. It is where the powerful Sword Dancer can be fought for the second time in the game, as well as where Sheena Fujibayashi's grandfather found her when she was young.


The Gaoracchia Forest is a dungeon that people tend to avoid entering due to its reputation as being dangerous. According to Presea Combatir, the chance of surviving alone in Gaoracchia Forest is about 25 percent, and people normally travel from Meltokio to Ozette by boat from the north of Ozette due to this statistic. The group first attempts to pass through the Gaoracchia Forest in order to reach Mizuho. Zelos Wilder mentions in a skit that the forest is haunted, as well as that not many people cross it due to such rumors. Before reaching the end of the forest, a convict confronts the group and fights them. The convict is knocked unconscious, and Colette Brunel requests that they take him to Mizuho with them so he can explain himself.


  • "Gaoracchia" may be a pun on "gracchiare" (Italian for "croak" as in "crow's sound"). This might be intentional because the forest is dark and gloomy and crows may inhabit it, even during broad daylight.