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Garam (ToI).png
Game Tales of Innocence
World Naraka
Region Western
Capital Garam

The Western Country of Garam (ガラム Garamu?) is a nation in Tales of Innocence. It is the home country of the protagonist Ricardo Soldato.


Although Garam's territory is not clearly defined, its capital city that shares its name rests in the world's western hemisphere and, like many capitals, near the sea. Apart from its capital city, the only area of interest is Kelm Volcano (ケルム火山?), resting just south of the capital and considered holy ground by the local residents. The group ventures here in order to learn more about their past lives, and they are forced into a confrontation with Hasta Ekstermi at the volcano's memory circle. Although Kelm Volcano is active, the people do not fear it, instead revering it as a sacred place for worshiping the fire god of forgery, Vulcan, and using it as a training ground for martial arts. A mountainous region, Garam is known to excel at guerrilla tactics, taking advantage of their geographical location in war. The area also houses a hot spring.


The official flag of Garam.

Garam was established when what is referred to as the mountain race rebelled against Regnum's power, and because of this, the two countries remain on bad terms with one another. Garam's main production industry is minerals, its blacksmiths having thrived since ancient times. Due to the region's mountainous geography, there is an abundance of mines for the booming industry, which draws people from all over the world for the exquisite weapons made there. The origin of Garam's guerrilla tactics stems from the country's lack of a large enough army to fair well in field war, and it applies this tactic on the Western Battlefield against Regnum. In the story, Garam has formed an alliance with Tenos in order to defeat Regnum.