Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Height 180 cm
Weight 82 kg
Race Deity
Occupation Reaper (Formerly)
Weapon •Scythe (Thanatos)
•Staff (Gardle)
Japanese Voice Actor Norio Wakamoto
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Gardle (ガードル Gaadoru?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Innocence. Later in the story, he is revealed to be the god Thanatos (タナトス Tanatosu?), having never reincarnated. He is also the brother of Hypnos.


Antagonistic Cause[]

After rescuing Ange Serena at Naohs Base, the group encounters Gardle at the exit as they are leaving. He calls the group of the Reborn a disgrace to Devaloka and states that he must kill them for the sake of Naraka, introducing himself as Naraka's protector. He then engages them in battle and is defeated, allowing the group to escape.

Gardle is not shown again until later in the story, when Oswald fan Kuruela meets with Regnum's privy council. There, Gardle reveals that he has a spy collecting information regarding the Manifest for him, as well as that he is planning on capturing the group and extracting their memories. When Ricardo Soldato betrays the group in Regnum, he explains that Gardle is his older brother through his previous life, Thanatos, the god of death who collected souls and was banished by Ratio. After these events, the group is held at Grigori Village, where Ricardo questions Gardle's intentions regarding the group. Gardle replies that he is going to operate on them but remains vague in the consequences of how it could affect them. Ricardo beckons for their safety, but Gardle reprimands him, stressing that Ricardo is now safe from Arca and the armies by being in the village.


When Ricardo frees the group and boards a ship to Mamut with them, Gardle pursues them through flight and confronts them on the ship. Ricardo barks that Gardle is no different from all the others attempting to find the Manifest and is nothing like his brother in the past. However, Gardle claims that he is attempting to locate the Manifest in order to prevent it from being used against Naraka, which prompts Ruca Milda to stress to him that their goals are the same, asking for Gardle's help. Despite this, Gardle makes it evident that he wants only to extract the group's memories and that the Reborn should be eliminated because of their past sins. It is then that Gardle reveals himself as Thanatos, having never reincarnated and always having loved Naraka. The news shocks the group, but their reactions are cut short when Gardle again engages them in battle.

After the fight, Ricardo prepares to kill the defeated Gardle, only to hesitate. A large robotic machine then appears from the sky, and the group immediately recognizes it as one of the machines they saw in Naohs Base. Gardle is surprised to discover that the machine's pilot is a Grigori, one of his people. The soldier proclaims that Oswald shall be the one to command his people now before Gardle leaps toward the machine, only to be killed by its laser. The group then fights and defeats the "Gigantess Z".


Subsequent dialogue in the story reveals more aspects concerning Gardle's life as Thanatos. Thanatos was a reaper from Ratio who fell in love with an unnamed human woman while reaping souls from Naraka in order to sustain Devaloka. Rumors began circulating that he was visiting Naraka during his off-duty hours, which eventually resulted in him being banished from Devaloka and leaving it altogether in order to protect Naraka. His brother, Hypnos, was also a reaper and was reassigned due to this incident, becoming the general of Ratio. Thanatos and the human woman produced many children, the Grigori, passing down Thanatos's blood and bestowing upon the offspring powers similar to the Reborn. Despite having died on the Grigorian ship, Gardle is seen once more at the Tower of Dawn, where Oswald is using Gardle's body to power the "Gigantess Omega".

Appearance and Personality[]

Thanatos Skit (ToI)

Gardle has dark skin, white hair, and three red eyes, one resting in the center of his forehead. He also has long, pointed ears that contribute to his non-human appearance. His attire consists of a white and yellow suit fastened by buckles and a gold plate of armor around his neck. As Thanatos, he wears a white and gold robe fastened with black straps and large, gold armor for his arms. His skin is lighter than Gardle's, and he has long black hair braided into three gold ornaments. In addition, Thanatos's weapon is a much larger blue scythe. Personality-wise, Gardle's love for Naraka stems from his love for the mysterious woman with whom he fell in love. Seeking to protect her and the world from which she comes, he fights vigilantly for their cause and populates Naraka with his many Grigori descendants.

Fighting Style[]

Gardle Cut-in (ToI-R)

Cut-in image for Echt Schwarz in Tales of Innocence R.

In battle, Gardle fights with a bladed staff and is relatively slow.

In the original game, Gardle has five different attacks, each using Dark energy, consisting of tossing a large ball of Dark energy in front of him, charging up before performing a right swing, striking with the bladed tip, or thrusting forward before pulling the staff back.

In Tales of Innocence R, Gardle's arteset is altered and expanded upon, giving him three strike artes of his own, as well as a plethora of Earth- and Dark-elemental spells, similar to Ricardo, which reflects his relationship with Hypnos, who later reincarnates as Ricardo. In this version, the Dark energy he exudes in his attacks is colored blood red.

During his second fight, he gains access to his mystic arte, Echt Schwarz. In addition, in Innocence R, he can teleport.