Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Hometown Odanse
Age 37
Height 164 cm
Weight 49 kg
Race Human
Occupation Prime Minister of Sellund
Japanese Voice Actor Yuriko Yamaguchi

Gefion (ゲフィオン?) is a supporting character in Tales of the Rays. Her true identity is the original Mileena Weiss.


Mileena grew up in Odanse along with her friends Phillip Reston and the original Ix Nieves. She had grown up training as a mirrist, and came from a family that specialized in imagination mirristry. Phillip once asked her to go to the Glasswater Woods with him and gave her a charm. One day, Ix's mirrage went out of control, and she got hurt in the incident. The memory of the event plagued her, and she did anything she could to support Ix from there on out.

15 years prior to the story, Bifrost launched an attack on Odanse, and Ix was killed in order to let Mileena escape. The event enraged her, and she along with Phillip completed the Kaleidoscope that Ix's parents had started on, wiping out the entire kingdom of Bifrost in the process. Some time later, she exoflected Karia and purposely wiped out a chunk of her memories.

Mileena and Phillip eventually find that the ruin the Kaleidoscope had laid on the world resulted in the birth of the Voidstorm, which eroded the world until only the area surrounding Sellund remained. They quickly established the mirrage Aegis to hold off its effects and began exoflecting the old world, along with the second Ix and Mileena. Unfortunately, the Salvation Front believed Mileena to be evil, labeling her a "witch," and destroyed the Aegis, resulting in everything they had exoflected to be wiped out again. Marcus found that the second Ix died at this time, so Mileena replaced his corpse with the third Ix, marking the beginning of the story.

Role in the Plot

Under the alias Gefion, she now works as the Prime Minister of Sellund, with her engineer Gareth at her side. To rescue the world of Tir Na Nog from its impending doom once again, she is trying to repair the Aegis. She tasks the third Ix and second Mileena with exoflecting other worlds in order to gain their anima, as they are the only remaining mirrists left in the world capable of doing so.

As the story progresses, Ix and Mileena become increasingly wary of her, going so far as to tell her that they won't work for her anymore until she explains herself. This is due to her tendency to hide important information, the fact that the Salvation Front believes her to be evil, and not everything she tells them adds up. Gefion assures them that she would never tell them a lie, but she can't exactly reveal everything to them quite yet.

Once Phillip makes an appearance and Gefion's face is revealed thanks to Kocis getting his hand stuck under her mask, she explains her story to Ix, confirming that she truly is the original Mileena and he is the third Ix to have existed. Once Phantom is defeated, she reveals that the Aegis Project was always a means to turn her into a Human Kaleidoscope in order to contain the Voidstorm in her body (which would put her into a permanent coma), saving Tir Na Nog once and for all.

When she attempts it, however, her methods proved to be insufficient. Her body is too frail to contain the Voidstorm, so Ix lends his powers and creates the mirrage prison in order to finish the job.

Mirrage Prison

Gefion doesn't make an appearance in Mirrage Prison, but she is mentioned as Ix's source of information, as she is able to communicate with him within the Void. He later reveals that they couldn't speak much due to how much the two were in pain at this time.

Fairy's Requiem

Gefion appears for real this time, when Ix asks her within her consciousness if there's a way to save Kocis. She tells him that there is a way, but not to speak to her again because she's an unreliable source of information due to wiping out her memories and feelings long ago. She tells him to look for her Karia or approach Phillip if he needs to know anything about her, which leads Ix to later question just how similar Mileena is to Gefion.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

When fought as a monster due to absorbing Voidstorm into her person, Gefion relies on throwing ice in various forms to deal damage to her foes. Her mirrage arte, Eternal Reflection, is based on Mileena's Torrential Reflection due to being her original self.


  • Gefjon is a Norse goddess associated with ploughing.