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Apple Gel (ToV)

A gel (グミ Gumi?, "gummy") is an unknown substance that acts as a consumable recovery item in several games in the Tales series. Gels come in many varieties, with varying effects and strengths, often described as treats or snacks with medicinal properties.


Gels are gelatinous drops shaped into a common semi-spherical design, similar to their real-life equivalents manufactured by Kasugai Snack Foods in Japan. Within the context of the games, it is shown that gels do not require advanced technology to make, as they are mass-manufactured in worlds of varying levels of technology throughout the series, suggesting that gels use natural fruit for flavor and ingredients.

A quotation from Lloyd Irving early in Tales of Symphonia states that gels provide enough sustenance to get by, meaning they can be consumed as a simple food rather than a candy. However, their price makes their use as food uneconomical compared to standard dishes that can be prepared using common ingredients and enemy drops. As revealed through one of his special titles, Genis Sage hates gels, presumably for their taste or due to his prominent affinity for cooking. According to Raven during a skit in Tales of Vesperia, gels are made to appeal more to younger taste buds. Because of this, Karol Capel is completely open to showing his love for gels, while Yuri Lowell says he is not too fond of its basic taste.


  • In Tales of Xillia, an optional skit can be earned by not using healing items in battle, including gels, up to and including the boss battle on the Lakutam Highroad. During this skit, the party discusses how they have not used any gels during their journey.
  • Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave introduces a "Pun Gel" in Chester Burklight's comical scenario. It is unknown whether it applies medical properties, but it influences the consumer's behavior to a joyful and upbeat personality. In addition, he or she is only able to say hilarious, yet offensive, puns.
  • In a special skit in Tales of Berseria, Bienfu asks the main cast what their favorite gels are for a personality test. Velvet Crowe and Laphicet favor Apple Gels; Rokurou Rangetsu dislikes gels because of their texture but appreciates their effects; Eleanor Hume enjoys Pineapple and Grape Gels; Eizen prefers gel daifuku; and Magilou likes gel jam on fried eggs. According to the personality test, people who like Apple Gels are very gullible and believe anything they are told; people who dislike gels enjoy battle above all else; and people who prefer two kinds of gels appear devoted but have wandering hearts. Due to their unusual choices, Eizen is described as a weirdo who has strange tastes, and Magilou as a clown who trips and falls with their jokes.