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Geocron Striegov
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Race Organican
Occupation Lieutenant of the Special Ops Soma Unit
Weapon Soma (Drill)
Japanese Voice Actor Kouji Ishii

Geocron Striegov (ジオ・ストリーガウ Jio Sutoriigau?, "Geo Striegov") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts.


Throughout the story, Striegov seems loyal to Azide Silver. After his death, however, his true colors are shown. In truth, Striegov is collecting Spiria cores simply for the sake of it. In fact, he was the one responsible for sabotaging Silver's willstone cannon, which resulted in Perl's demise. Taking this opportunity, Striegov stole the Spiria core from Silver's daughter, Lapis. One day, he was offered a deal by Creed Graphite to drain all of Organica of their Spiria in return for the leftovers. When he reveals this, Ines Lorenzen is filled with rage at the traitor, and the party makes it their mission to kill him and save Lapis. The next time he is fought, Creed injects Striegov with a xerom to amplify his Soma. However, this ends up doing more harm to his body than good, as he is defeated anyway, and the xeroms within his body emerge as Gardenia absorbs his Spiria, leaving him calcified.

Appearance and Personality

Striegov is a sadist who gets off on other peoples' suffering, having taken many Spiria cores, and getting a kick out of Silver's suffering and Ines's anger at him, so much so that the whole party, and even Creed Graphite consider him trash.