Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Residences Midgand
Race •Human (formerly)
Daemon (currently)
Occupation High Priest

Gideon is a minor antagonist in Tales of Berseria. He is the high priest of the villa in Midgand who is distributing nectar.


After the Advent, once malakhim showed their effectiveness against the daemons, the church gained popular support, which resulted in many vying for the position of high priest. However, they all died either by disease or accidents, and in the end, Gideon became high priest.

Needing money to build the temple, Gideon resorts to selling Nectar, an addictive medicine that has been banned by the Abbey because of its poisonous properties. Despite knowing the method is wrong, Gideon desires to help the people as best he can. Completely unbeknownst to him, the party is given three tasks by Tabatha Baskerville to disrupt the nectar production before being sent to assassinate the high priest himself. Praetor exorcist Eleanor Hume catches pieces it together and informs the high priest. Together, they set a trap for the party that does not go as planned, as the party manages to easily dispatch the army. Unaware of why the party is doing this, the high priest asks them who it was that sent them to kill him. When he asks if it was Artorius Collbrande, Velvet Crowe flinches at his name, causing him to think Artorius betrayed him. This results into him becoming a daemon and rampaging through the temple until he is caught by a giant Griffin who quickly kills him.


  • Gideon's role is similar to Slenge from Tales of Zestiria, the distant sequel to Tales of Berseria; both are members of a holy order who use their connections to sell addictive substances so they can support their affiliations, despite knowing the method is wrong.