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Giet Skit (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Bandits' Lair
Quiet Lands
Race Galf
Japanese Voice Actor Yasunori Masutani
Character Designer Kazuto Nakazawa

Giet (ギート?) is a galf in Tales of Legendia and pet of Moses Sandor.


Main Quest[]

Giet first met Moses when he was young, and although Moses often attempted to befriend him, he remained cautious. Moses rescued Giet from a group of attacking monsters, injuring his left eye in the process. Unable to see properly, Moses was then saved by Giet, who was able to drag him away from danger. For three days, Giet remained next to Moses until he awoke. From this point, the two fought alongside one another, and eventually journeyed to the Legacy. Giet is mostly seen with Moses during the Main Quest, and although he travels with the party, he is rarely seen in conversational scenes, and does not fight in battle. He does, however, join Moses in battle against the party toward the beginning of the story. Aiding the party when necessary, Giet occasionally tracks enemies or carries injured party members on his back during the story.

Character Quests[]

Moses's Character Quest revolves around validating Giet's innocence for attacks aboard the Legacy. Due to the black mist affecting the monsters living on the ship, Giet is affected as well, and rumors in Werites Beacon of a galf violently attacking civilians prompt suspicion toward Giet. It becomes evident that Giet is guilty of the attacks when he attacks Moses at The Crags, damaging his eye. Later, at the Bandit's Lair, Giet returns to this rabid state and summons "Dark Moses" to fight the party. Upon defeat, Giet is willing to be killed by his master, but Moses refuses and allows him to live. The party the decides to take him to the Quiet Lands so he may live free in the wild. Before departing, Moses cuts a lock of his hair and Giet's fur to make an accessory, a memento to remind them of each other. Claiming they will always be family, Moses and the party watch as Giet disappears in the dust.


  • Norma's nickname for Giet is "Spot" (ギーとん?).