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Anime Concept Ginji.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Sheridan
Race Human
Occupation Pilot
Japanese Voice Actor •Osamu Hosoi
•Sugiyama Masaru

Ginji (ギンジ?) is a supporting character in Tales of the Abyss. He is Noelle's brother and Iemon's grandson. Ginji serves as the pilot of the Albiore I and later as pilot of the Albiore III.


Ginji is introduced when the group travels to Sheridan to borrow the Albiore in order to save the citizens of St. Binah, who are trapped in an area collapsing into the Qliphoth. However, when the group arrives at Sheridan, they are notified by Iemon, Tamara, and Astor that the Albiore crashed during a test flight in the Meggiora Highlands, thus trapping the pilot, Ginji, inside. Furthermore, with the strong wind gusts in the Meggiora Highlands, the Albiore is likely to fall from the ledge at any moment. In the process, Ginji would die, and the Albiore would be destroyed with its Hover Drive, which grants the Albiore flight. In order to save Ginji, along with the Albiore and Hover Drive, the group travels to the Meggiora Highlands with two launcher devices to secure the Albiore from both sides. Eventually, they manage to secure the Albiore before it falls off the ledge, saving Ginji.