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Game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
World Aselia

Gladsheim is an optional dungeon in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World that can only be visited on a second playthrough or later and will appear in Chapter 8 after Lloyd Irving joins the group.


Gladsheim consists of ten floors, each in an eight-by-eight square with randomly generated rooms. In order to advance past a floor, the four non-"Archdemon" enemies on that floor must be destroyed. At a portal on each floor, the player can choose to stay on the current floor, go to the next floor, or exit the dungeon. Should the player exit the dungeon, he or she will begin on the first floor again. Each room, apart from four-way rooms, has a seal and chest. In order to unlock the chest, the player must defeat the enemy atop of the seal.

In the majority of these rooms, "Archdemons" will be atop the seals. At the four corners of the map, non-"Archdemon" enemies will rest on the seals. Items in the chests will vary; however, the higher up in the dungeon, the better of a reward can be expected. Due to the length of the dungeon, a save point can be found at the entrance to the third and sixth floors. At the top of Gladsheim, the monster "Album Atrum" can be fought, and it will drop Marta Lualdi's strongest weapon, "Kismet".


While not part of the main story, when entered, a mysterious voice tells the group to defeat the four guardian pillars to proceed to the next world. When ten worlds are conquered, the mysterious voice will appear. At the tenth floor, the mysterious voice reveals itself to be the monster "Album Atrum", which is previously fought at Twilight Palace, and it challenges the group to a final battle. After "Album Atrum" is defeated, it disappears into the abyss, and the fog and darkness dissipate. Another voice tells the group that another presence is felt from the abyss, and another monster may then appear. Afterward, the group returns to the surface.