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Game Tales of the Abyss
Leader Van Grants
Notable Members Arietta
Headquarters Daath

The God-Generals (六神将 Rokujinshou?, "Six God-Generals") are the six highest-ranking members of the Oracle Knights in Tales of the Abyss, operating directly under the command of Commandant Van Grants.


All of the God-Generals operate under assumed names to avoid their respective pasts. In addition, each God-General, apart from Dist, has lost something dear to him or her due to the influence of the Score.

  • The death of Largo's wife, Sylvia Oakland, was the direct result of the Score. Due to the fact that the real Natalia was stillborn, their daughter, Meryl Oakland, was taken and used as a substitute. Sylvia subsequently threw herself in Baticul's harbor while Largo was away and drowned.
  • Legretta lost her brother, Marcel Oslo, due to his knowledge of the Closed Score.
  • Arietta lost her family when the tidal wave from the destruction of Hod hit the Isle of Feres, which was predetermined by the Score, resulting in her being raised by monsters.
  • Sync considers himself to be an imperfect replacement of the original Fon Master Ion, having been thrown into the mouth of the Mt. Zaleho volcano and left to survive on his own.

Motivated by the hatred, each member shares the motive that because of the Score deceivingly bringing great calamity and terrible events onto the world, the God-Generals follow Van's ideals to destroy Lorelei and the Score, enabling them to create a new world inhabited by replicated beings, and in turn, with lives free from dictated fate and the burden of inescapable destiny.

Each God-General, including their Commandant, may be seen as a rival to a party member. Largo opposes Natalia, Asch opposes Luke, Legretta opposes Tear, Dist opposes Jade Curtiss, Arietta opposes Anise Tatlin, Sync opposes Ion, and Van opposes Guy Cecil. In addition, each God-General, with the exception of Dist, who is not directly confronted in battle, is aesthetically associated with a specific element: Largo with Fire, Legretta with Light, Arietta with Darkness, Sync with Wind, and Asch with Sound. However, these associations are not limitations on their abilities, as all of the God-Generals have access to strike and fonic artes of multiple elements.


Arietta (tvtropes) Largo (tvtropes) Dist (tvtropes) Legretta (tvtropes) Sync (tvtropes) Asch (tvtropes)
Arietta Largo Dist Legretta Sync Asch Cantabile

  • Arietta the Wild (妖獣のアリエッタ Yojuu no Arietta?), a former Fon Master Guardian and survivor from the destroyed Isle of Feres.
  • Largo the Black Lion (黒獅子ラルゴ Kurojishi Rarugo?), the alias of Badaq Oakland, and also known as the "Lion of the Desert".
  • Dist the Reaper (死神ディスト Shinigami Disuto?), the alias of Dr. Saphir Ortion Gneiss, a fugitive scientist from the Malkuth Empire.
  • Legretta the Quick (魔弾のリグレット Madan no Riguretto?, "Magic Bullet Regret"), the alias of Giselle Oslo, a former Oracle soldier who trained Tear Grants.
  • Sync the Tempest (烈風のシンク Reppuu no Shinku?, "Synch the Gale"), one of the seven replicas of the original Fon Master Ion.
  • Asch the Bloody (鮮血のアッシュ Senketsu no Asshu?), the alias of the original Luke fon Fabre.
  • Cantabile, an Oracle Knight and part of the Fon Master Faction. She trained Tear Grants as well. She only appeared in Tales of Fandom Vol.2 and replaces Asch after his death. She hates both Van and Legretta, causing resentment towards Tear.
God-Generals (Concept)

Concept artwork of the God-Generals.

According to one library text in Daath, another character named Cantabile is listed as one of the God-Generals. Although she is not present in the story and her status as ever having been a God-General is vague, her position within the Oracle Knights is listed as 6th Division Commander of Special Operations, which Asch assumed sometime prior to the events of the story. In the same library text, the positions of each God-General reveal that Largo is 1st Division Commander, Dist is 2nd, Arietta is 3rd, Legretta is 4th, Sync is 5th, and Cantabile is 6th. In Tales of Fandom Vol.2, Cantabile is fully realized as the successor to Asch as the 6th Division Commander.


  • Most of the God-Generals' assumed names derive from musical terms: Arietta from aria, Largo from largo, Dist from dissonance, Legretta from allegretto, and Sync from syncopation. Cantabile's name also falls under this category despite her absence, resulting in all six of the original God-Generals following this theme. Asch's name is the result of a different reasoning, as explained within the story.