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Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Nojima
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Goede (ゲーデ Geede?, "Guede") is the primary antagonist in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.


Past Events[]

Goede is born from the negative feelings of humans. He was only meant to die and revive every time negative feelings were sent to the world tree. During his first arrival he tried to destroy the World Tree, but was stopped by the Descender.


He is reborn during the seventh story mission when Janice and Assistant set a bomb on his holding place. The Protagonist with Zelos Wilder and Presea Combatir convince Janice to stop. Janice then ordered his assistant to stop the bomb, but he accidentally sets it off and it explodes. Goede awakens and wonders where he is and recognizes the protagonist as a Descender and attacks the party. After being defeated Goede escapes and prepares his next plan. Goede goes to the world tree and attempts to put negative energy into the tree, but fails. Goede appears again during a story mission when the Protagonist, along with Mint Adenade and Chloe Valens when they go to the lava cavern. Goede waiting at the last area of the dungeon eventually sees the Descender and sends a Lava Dragon to attack the Protagonist and the party and leaves. After that, Goede in another dimension wondering about his fate and the Protagonist, refusing to disappear like before.

The Antennas[]

Goede's influence is also responsible for the creation of the negative characters of Chloe, Anise Tatlin, and Farah Oersted. He appears again in front of the Protagonist, Celsius, and Kanonno Earhart when they want to retrieve the last antenna to give Kannono enough mana. Kanonno walks up to Goede attempting to talk to him, but this angers him to throw a large amount of negative energy at her, which causes her to become distorted and start fading again. Goede laughs and escapes further in the dungeon, but the player manages to catch up to him. After a short conversation Goede disappears once again.

Final Battle[]

When the Protagonist goes back to Van Eltia to destroy the Negative Nest, Goede's voice come from the Negative Nest tells them that he will not disappear and will destroy the World Tree. At the final confrontation with the Protagonist in the last area of the dungeon, the player faces Goede one more time in his humanoid form. After being defeated he transform into a huge machine-like creature called Deus Ex Machina (デウス・エクス・マキナ Deusu Ekusu Makina?) and attacks the party. After being defeated, he turns himself into negative energy, but the Protagonist manages to change his feelings, and converts all of negative feelings into mana.


Goede's background and story is similar with his game counterpart, albeit shortened. In the last chapter of the series, the reason for Roa's return to Van Eltia is revealed. After Roa is finally able to convince Goede to return to the World Tree, Goede questions Roa if he is okay returning and leaving his friends behind. Roa simply states that once a Descender saves the world, his or her duty is finished, and he or she will stay until the world is in crisis again. Roa then comments how Goede is finally freed from his role, but Goede replies that, even though this time he is freed, there is no guarantee that next time will be the same as long as humans who wish for destruction exist.

Roa attempts to assure Goede since he has become part of the World Tree thanks to his power. Roa also does this because Goede is now able to become a Descender in Roa's place the next time the world is in crisis, but Goede insists he is unfit for the role. Nonetheless, Roa confidently states that, if by any chance their roles are switched, Goede will save him. Embarrassed, Goede yells to the World Tree to return Roa to his friends, saying that an "idiot" like Roa is unfit to become the World Tree's representative, and it should bring someone who is more knowledgeable in his place. Feeling grateful toward Goede, Roa tells the World Tree that, if not for his friends, he is sure he will not be able to fulfill his duty and bring back Goede with him, convincing the World Tree to return him to his friends.

Appearance and Personality[]

Goede's appearance is a young man with long spiky purple hair, with pale skin, with a red and yellow eye. He wears a tight black outfit with a flaming scarf on the back, with black boots, a long black glove on his left arm, and he has large skeleton like right arm.

As he was born from negative feelings of humans, Goede possessed negative aspects of humans' emotions. He eventually started to resent humans and the world since he views his life has no meaning, blaming them for his suffering. He was actually feeling lonely as he feels he doesn't have a place where he belongs and no one would accept him. This caused him to develop jealousy and hatred towards the Descender who was born with a purpose and accepted by people, which explains his obsession to kill the Descender as he believed that it would end his sufferings. Overwhelmed by these feelings, he drove into insanity and decided to destroy the world along with himself.

Fighting Style[]

Goede uses his huge right arm as a weapon, performing wide swings in his normal attacks and strike artes. He is also adept in Fire- and Dark-elemental magic artes.

As Deus Ex Machina, he floats in the air, making it difficult to land hits on him. Combat-wise, he uses four different strike artes, the strongest magic artes of each element, and a mystic arte, Kyouki -Sekai he no Zetsubou-.