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Golden Mage Knight
Golden Mage Knight (ToX).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia

The Golden Mage Knight (黄金魔剣士 Ougon Makenshi?) is a minor antagonistic character in Tales of Xillia capable of being fought at the end of Magnus Zero, the game's EX Dungeon. He must be defeated after the completion of the story in order to unlock the true power of the Devil's Arms, allowing them to grow in power accordingly to the number of kills performed by their respective wielders. He appears as a golden suit of armor with a phantom head that glows in different colors.


The Golden Mage Knight is an ages-old creature who desires nothing but battle. He reached the limits of his own strength and decided to observe humanity's fighting techniques. To that end, he spread the Lilium Orbs through the world thousands of years prior to the events of Tales of Xillia. Every advancement the Lilium Orb observes is sent back to him, and through this observation, the Golden Mage Knight gains insight into the advances in fighting that humanity develops. When the group confronts him in the Magnus Zero, he demonstrates his knowledge against them, ever happy for the challenge. He is exuberant even in defeat, happy that someone has defeated him. To push the group to ever higher heights, he unlocks the true potential of the Devil's Arms and commands them to battle ever more as he observes.

Fighting Style

The Golden Mage Knight fights in a total of six different forms: "Mercenary", "Conductor", "Duelist", "Scholar", "Creator", and "Puppeteer". These forms vary his weapon and move repertoire, and his health depletion results in different forms and more appearing, broken into three phases: phase one is solely "Mercenary"; phase two is "Conductor" and "Duelist"; and phase three is "Scholar", "Creator", and "Puppeteer". While split into multiple forms, he is capable of linking together and performing linked artes.