Good Grip (グッド・ホールディング Guddo Hoorudingu?, "Good Holding") is Magilou's second mystic arte in Tales of Berseria.

Arte Description and History

Magilou summons and blows her Guardian toward the enemy. It then grows in size, sending the enemy up. More Guardians begin to appear beneath the enemy, keeping them airborne until they are sent high into the air. Magilou then commands all of the Guardians to attack the airborne enemy, causing an explosion of fireworks.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Berseria

Japanese Quote: 今せー!フーっと吹けば, 飛び出すぞ, わんさか来るぞ, ジャンジャン行くぞ! グッド・ホールディング!
Romanized Quote: Imasee! Fuu tto fukeba, tobidasu zo! Wansa ka kuruzo! Janjan ikuzo! Good Holding!
Translated Quote: "Now! With a breath, jump out! Here comes the crowd! Let's go non-stop! Good Holding!"
Localized Quote: "Now! With a single breath, they appear! Here they come! There's no stopping them now! Good Grip!"

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