Game Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Dalchia
Race Human

Gordon is a minor character in Tales of Crestoria.


Gordon lives in Dalchia. One day, he killed the woman running the general store. Nash was initially blamed for his crime, but his act was captured by his vision orb. Forwarding the image to the vision central, Gordon is condemned as a transgressor and is spirited away by an enforcer. Kanata Hjuger, in his own encounter with an enforcer, later realizes that Gordon was killed by the enforcer, terrified the entire time.

Appearance and Personality

Gordon is a young adult with long brown hair, tied in spiky ponytail, and gray eyes. He wears a black shirt and a large orange belt around his waist, with his brown coat loosely hanging from his arms. Like most people, Gordon wears his vision orb like a necklace.

Gordon is a petty criminal, involving himself mainly in minor offenses, like thievery. When caught red-handed he is prone to making mistakes and act without much thought, like when the injuries he inflicted on an elderly woman caused her death some time later.

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