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Gourry Gabriev
Gourry Gabriev (TotR).png
Appearance Slayers franchise
Tales of the Rays
Age 22
Height 182 cm
Race Human
Occupation Mercenary
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Yasunori Matsumoto

Gourry Gabriev (ガウリイ=ガブリエフ Gaurī Gaburiefu?) is a master swordsman and traveling partner of Lina Inverse from the Slayers series, who makes a cameo appearance in Tales of the Rays.

Appearance and Personality

Gourry has blue eyes, and long, blonde hair that constantly drapes over one eye. His attire has dark green on the interior, and white on the exterior. He has pieces of blue armor strapped to his body. Gourry suffers from poor memory, as he often does not remember important facts, or even the names of his enemies. Sometimes he cannot recall things he did only a matter of minutes beforehand. Despite this, he still has great intuition, especially out on the battlefield, and he can sometimes envision the motives of other people, such as when he would know what Lina's attack plan would be without her telling him about it first. Another notable example of his acute observation skills is that he had figured out that Xellos was a mazoku long before anyone else realized it, not mentioning it to the others only because he had thought it wasn't important and that it was "obvious".

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Gourry is among the greatest swordsmen of the Slayers franchise. Backed up by his intuition, his battle ability is formidable, especially taking into consideration that he does not use any sort of magic whatsoever. In Tales of the Rays, Gourry uses original artes that represent his prowess with a sword.


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