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The Grade Shop window in Tales of Symphonia.

Grade is a feature in the Tales series. It is most associated with the Grade Shop, where bonuses that enhance the next playthrough can be bought. Grade is most often awarded for performing well in battle and can be taken away for performing poorly, although Tales of Xillia and its sequel award Grade for earning titles.

Appearances in Original Titles

Tales of Phantasia

Grade was only included in the PlayStation Portable Full Voice Edition of Tales of Phantasia. It can be won or lost from battle and spent at the Grade Shop upon starting a New Game Plus.

Tales of Destiny 2

Grade, as well as the Grade Shop, was first introduced in Tales of Destiny 2. On the "Easy" difficulty, which must be unlocked through the Grade Shop, the player is unable to earn Grade; however, each successive difficulty presents the opportunity to earn more. The "Normal" difficulty has a maximum of 4.00 Grade per battle; the "Second" difficulty increases the maximum amount to 6.00. It is also possible to lose Grade for performing poorly, though only a maximum of 2.00 per battle. In boss battles, this changes: the maximum Grade on the "Normal" difficulty is 40.00, while the minimum is -10.00.

Tales of Symphonia

In Tales of Symphonia, Grade functions similarly to how it does in Tales of Destiny 2. Grade can be awarded or deducted after battle depending on performance during battle, and there is a Grade Shop available upon beating the game and starting a new game from a cleared save file. In addition, there are special vendors throughout the game that allow the player to buy customization materials and "EX Gems" using Grade. These vendors also allow the player to check how much Grade the player has earned before beating the game. Completing the game provides a bonus of 1,000 Grade.

Tales of Graces

in Tales of Graces, Grade is awarded by completing various criteria, such as acquiring titles, completing sidequests, and completing technical bonus requirements during certain battles.

Tales of Xillia

In Tales of Xillia, earning titles awards Grade. When starting a New Game Plus, the previously earned titles are not erased.

Tales of Xillia 2

Earning titles in Tales of Xillia 2 also awards Grade that can be spend on various bonuses carried into New Game Plus.

Tales of Zestiria

Grade in Tales of Zestiria is earned in battle. Bad performance, like using items, falling even once battle, or suffering damage or ailments drastically reduces obtained Grade. Aside of being able to be used to buy options for New Game Plus, Grade is also used in Lords of the Land system.

Tales of Berseria

In Tales of Berseria Grade is earned in battle and spend on New Game Plus features.

Appearances in Cross-Over Titles

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

After completing the main story of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, a Muse named Ada operates the Grade Shop on the Van Eltia. Unlike the other Grade Shops, the "New Game Plus" feature has to be bought from the Grade Shop in order to replay the story again.

Tales of the Rays

Grade is earned by performing summons on banners with dia (small number gained) and mirrogems (large number gained). Each banner has its own Grade and Grade allows to buy mirrage gear and mirrages available in the Summons banner in question.