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Gran Vanish as it appears in Tales of Destiny 2.

Grand Cataclysm (グランヴァニッシュ Guranvanisshu?, "Gran Vanish"), also localized as Grand Vanish and Grand Vanishment, is an advanced Earth-elemental spell associated mostly with the characters originating from Tales of Destiny 2.

Arte Description and History

Upon activating this spell, the earth around the target cracks, revealing yellow-orange light. Enemies trapped are subject to intense pressure, which causes bits of earth to rise in the affected area. In Tales of Destiny 2, this spell can be extended into Earth Tapper to call the Spirit Gnome into battle, if the skill enchant "Gugen Kesshou" (具現結晶?) is equipped on the original spell. Grand Cataclysm reappears as Reala's Blast Caliber in Tales of Graces. Here, Reala summons streaks of light that fall from the sky to strike into the earth, causing the affected spots to glow. The earth then cracks and breaks apart, dealing damage to all enemies on the entire battlefield. In Tales of the Rays, this arte is also Fire-elemental.

In Tales of Luminaria, where it is localized as Grand Vanishment, Hugo Simon raises his sword into the air where it glows with mana before he thrusts it into the ground, rupturing the earth in a circle around around him.

Appearances (グランヴァニッシュ)

Grand Cataclysm as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Original Titles

Cross-Over Titles


Appearances (破滅のグランヴァニッシュ)

Cross-Over Titles


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny 2

User: Reala
Japanese Quote: 大地に秘められし破壊の力よ!グランヴァニッシュ!

User: Barbatos
Japanese Quote: 破滅のグランヴァニッシュ!!!

User: Magnadeus
Japanese Quote: 滅砕せし肉体…そら、どうだ…?

Tales of Graces

Japanese Quote: 大地に眠れる破壊の力!真に目覚めよ! グランヴァニッシュ![1]
Romanized Quote: Daichi ni nemureru hakai no chikara! Shin ni mezameyo! Gran Vanish!
Translated Quote: "O cataclysmic power that lie dormant among the earth, awaken thy true form! Gran Vanish!"
Localized Quote: "Force of destruction, open your eyes! Grand Cataclysm!"

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description:


User: Kanonno Grassvalley
Japanese Quote: 大地の咆哮!グランヴァニッシュ!

User: Magnadeus
Japanese Quote: 滅砕せし肉体…

Tales of Luminaria

Localized Description: "Thrusts a mana-infused blade into the ground, unleashing an explosive attack against surrounding enemies"