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Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
Grand Tethe'alla Bridge (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla

The Grand Tethe'alla Bridge is a large drawbridge that crosses the stretch of water between the Fooji and Sybakian continents in Tales of Symphonia. Its mechanisms are powered by 3,000 Exspheres.


The group first arrives here while traveling to Sybak from Meltokio in hopes of finding a way to save Colette Brunel. After Genis and Raine Sage are kidnapped by the Papal Knights in Sybak, they are brought back to Meltokio over the bridge. The group chases after, but the drawbridge is raised to halt their pursuit. The group attempts to jump the gap, and everyone but Colette, who flies over using her wings, fails and falls toward the sea. Sheena Fujibayashi saves everyone by summoning Undine to catch them on a cushion of water and transport them safely to land on the Meltokio side. After the events in Sybak, the group is not able to cross the bridge. While the bridge is up, the group uses an "Elemental Cargo" boat obtained from the Elemental Research Laboratory to cross the sea. The group can embark from a dock near the bridge on either end. When the Pope is removed from power, the bridge is lowered to allow the group to use it again.