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Great Astral Spirit
Great Astral Spirit (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Residences Rena
Race Spirit

The Great Astral Spirit (レナの星霊 Rena no Seirei?), also known as Rena's Great Spirit, is the main antagonist of Tales of Arise. It is the mastermind behind all of the events of the game, and the sentient amalgamation of Rena's astral energy. To continue surviving, it constantly harvests astral energy, a process that has rendered Rena into a vast hollowed ocean. Its hunger for more energy is unending and will not stop until it has absorbed all of existence.


Rena and Dahna were supposed to be born as one planet. However, the process failed midway, causing the world to be born as two separate planets: the shared system became known as the "Twin Worlds".

Unlike Dahna's astral energy which dispersed into many different parts of the planet during the world creation process and thus has little to no will at all, Rena's astral energy was concentrated in the core, causing the creation of the sentient Great Astral Spirit. At first, it wanted to finish the combination of the separated worlds by absorbing both Rena and Dahna's astral energy. However, the more it absorbed, the more its goal changed. It became afraid of dying and became desperate for survival.

The party attempts to deal with it by storing its energy in the Renas Alma, which is capable of suppressing the ability for astral energy to achieve sentience. Its suffusion with Dahna astral energy makes it a tempting target, and the Great Astral Spirit first consumes it for its energy, requiring them to beat it in battle to retrieve in. The resulting ceremony is interrupted by Vholran Igniseri, forcing Shionne Imeris to contain the Great Spirit within herself. After Alphen defeats Vholran, the Renas Alma is destroyed due to Vholran's actions. In respond, Alphen hatches a new plan, pleading with Dahna's Will inherent within all life on Dahna to save both Shionne and Rena. The world responds, fusing both Dahna and Rena into a single, stable world.

Appearance and Personality

The Great Spirit is a being of overwhelming avarice, desiring to consume all astral energy, resulting in oblivion. Along with this desire, stems its intolerable cruelty, submitting the Helganquil, its own people, to mind control. However despite its gluttony, the Great Spirit is also shown to be extremely cunning and patient, maintaining a lie, for more than three hundred years, to control the natives of Dahna with a twisted, arbitrary hierarchy of preferring the more powerful subjects without regarding their consent. When the party starts changing events outside of its influence, the Great Spirit is consumed with fear. Its patience quickly deteriorating, it commands the Helganquil to begin the Spirit Channeling Ceremony as soon as possible. When the party confront the Great Spirit on Rena, its fear is replaced with hatred for them for ruining everything.

Fighting Style

The Great Astral Spirit in its "Subsumer" form

The Great Spirit is a being of Dark astral energy that fights in two separate forms. In the first form, as soon as its health is at half, the Great Spirit promotes five separate orbs of astral energy to perform attacks outside of its own element, each one said to rival the power of their element's respective Lord; Enflamed Rage (火猛る憤激?) for Fire, Darkened Envy (光奪う精疑?) for Light, Earthen Delusion (地崩す妄念?) for Earth, Tempestuous Greed (風荒ぶ欲望?) for Wind, and Watery Ego (水凝る我執?) for Water. In its second form, it absorbs more of Dahna's astral energy to revitalize and grow larger than ever, becoming known as the Subsumer (<アラガイ奪ウモノ> <Aragai Ubaumono>?). Stopping nothing to purge anything it deems to be an anomaly, its strikes explode with Dark astral energy and fires relentless volleys of light beams. Its mystic arte, Black Hole, damages every enemy in the area.