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Great Hollow
Great Hollow (ToL).jpg
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

The Great Hollow (巨大風穴 Kyodai Kazaana?, "Enormous Air Hole") is a dungeon in Tales of Legendia, located close to the Waterways and seemingly connected to the Ruins of Frozen Light.


The Great Hollow is large ruin that was built during the time of the Kingdom of Terises. The entrance way shows the entire area and has a large elevator that can only be activated by Eres. The first two interior areas in the Great Hollow are full of flower-patterned walkways covered in Chaotic Zones that eventually lead to elevators. In the deepest area is a large underground cavern where dying "Grand Gaets" go for their eternal slumber. In addition, Poppo's workshop is located there, consisting of a small house that has a dock for Poppo's submarine.


Main Quest

Senel Coolidge and his companions travel to the Great Hollow after Jay tells them the area has a way into the Ruins of Frozen Light. When they arrive, Norma Beatty notices that the dew stones on the machinery must be manipulated through Eres in order to reach the deepest parts. In the deepest area of the Great Hollow, Poppo is seen again working in his workshop on the "Poppo Mark III" to help the group reach the Ruins of Frozen Light. When they speak to Poppo, he tells them to retrieve the horn of a Grand Gaet to make the sub operational. In the nearby graveyard, they find a Grand Gaet, and Moses Sandor provokes a fight with the beast, believing it to be a way to obtain Sacred Eres and causing the large enemy to attack the group. After the fight, Poppo comes and reasons with the dying creature, obtaining its horn in the process. The next day, the sub is fully operational, so the group uses it to travel to the ruins.

Character Quests

The group returns to the Great Hollow during Will Raynard's Character Quest. During their second visit, they search for a infant's parents, who are preparing the kill themselves. The group manages to find the infant's parents, but they are being attacked by the monster "Ancient Pup". The group then battles the monster and defeats it without a problem. After the battle, Will scolds the parents for their reckless actions and tells them to think of their child's future. The parents begin to have second thoughts and decide to live for the sake of their child. The group then returns to Werites Beacon.