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Grigori Village
Grigori Village (ToI).png
Game Tales of Innocence
World Naraka

Grigori Village (グリゴリの里?) is a location in Tales of Innocence that serves as the home of the Grigori.


Located on a small island slightly northwest of Naraka's supercontinent, the village, as it name implies, is home to the Grigori and where Thanatos resides as Gardle. When Ricardo Soldato betrays the group in Regnum, they are taken here and held prisoners. They find the Grigori hostile and some unhappy about never being able to leave the island. When the group manages to escape on a Grigorian ship, they are pursued by Gardle, who engages them in battle. After his defeat, a military robot approaches the ship, operated by a Grigori soldier, who barks at Gardle and claims that Oswald fan Kuruela will lead their people now. When Gardle prepares to attack the robotic craft, the Grigori soldier fires a beam that kills their leader. The group then fights the war machine and defeats it.