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Grim Sylphie
Appearance Tales of Graces
Race Spirit
Weapon Sword

Grim Sylphie (グリムシルフィ Gurimushirufi?), the Emerald Messenger, is the Spirit of Wind in Tales of Graces. She is one of the three Spirits created by the Chroma Dragons. She can be summoned to battle using the Grim Sylphie and Emerald Strike artes.


After the group accepts the inn request "Bandit Control" in Gralesyde, they go to the road west of town and track down the bandits. After defeating the enemies, one of them drops an item that reacts to Pascal. The Spirit inside it reacts to her Amarcian blood and allows her to summon the Spirit in battle.

Appearance and Personality

Grim Sylphie is a young woman with blond hair tied in a ponytail, an emerald on her head, and a violet mask covering her mouth. She wears mostly green and wields a sword with a winged cross-guard and light-blue blade. Her wings are of multiple parts, shaped in a green letter "V" and closed at the yellow top.


  • While Grim Sylphie can be summoned into battle as a regular burst-style arte without needing to complete the inn request "Bandit Control", the quest's completion is required to unlock a title that, upon reaching rank 1, unlocks Pascal's first mystic arte: Emerald Strike.