Game Tales of Berseria
Residences Yseult
Age 5,017
Race Normin
Japanese Voice Actor Fumi Hirano

Grimoirh (グリモワール Gurimowaaru?, "Grimoire") is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. She is a wise normin acquaintance of Magilou who assists the group in deciphering an ancient text written in the dead Avarost language.


When the group seeks to unveil the truth behind a book concerning Innominat, Magilou suggests they visit Grimoirh, who was last heard of living near Yseult in Southgand. Due to her great intelligence and age, she is well-versed in ancient languages but initially turns the group away when they find her and make their request. However, having a soft spot for children with polite manners and eager minds, Grimoirh decides to help the group at the behest of Laphicet. They make their way to Haria, where Grimoirh takes the initiative to decipher the text while teaching Laphicet how to read the Avarost language for himself.

The group eventually leaves Grimoirh to work on the text while they investigate the nearby Palamides Temple, where a devout priestess of Amenoch and her daughter have gone missing. When they return with the daughter-turned-therion in two, a case of daemonblight sweeps the village, so they quickly return to the port at Yseult, where Eizen unveils the truth behind daemonblight. Grimoirh decides to accompany the group on the Van Eltia and eventually stations herself among the crew at Titania, where she continues to decipher the ancient text while the group searches for other therions.


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