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Guilds (ギルド Girudo?) are a term from Tales of Vesperia.


Guilds are comprised of people who have turned their backs on the Empire and been stripped of their rights as imperial citizens. According to Karol Capel, around ninety-percent of guilds belong to the Guild Union in Dahngrest, an association led by the Five Master Guilds: Altosk, Fortune's Market, Ruins' Gate, Soul Smiths, and Blood Alliance. Palestralle is a major guild independent of the Union. In the gathering of the world's leaders, Altosk and Palestralle are the major representatives called in for the guilds. Guilds traditionally specialize in a specific business or service. All members swear to uphold the guild's laws and are punished if they fail to do so. Members of guilds may only take one job at a time, and all jobs are taken through a formal oath, which acts as a binding contract.

List of guilds and associations[]

Guild Union[]

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Brave Vesperia[]

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Palestralle (戦士の殿堂パレストラーレ Senshi no Dendou / "Paresutoraare"?, "Palace of Warriors") is a guild that governs both the city of Nordopolica and its coliseum and respectfully cooperates with the Union, particularly Altosk and the Don, despite not being part of it. Once Belius dies and Natz assumes her position officially, he is called to represent Palestralle in the meeting of the world's leaders during the Adephagos dilemma.

Other non-Union Guilds[]

  • Dark Wings is a small but well-known thieves' guild.
  • Fount of Warmth (湯源郷 Tougenkyou?) is a guild that maintains the Yumanju spa.
  • Indigo Beasts (蒼き獣 Aoki Kemono?) is a blacklisted guild that refused to protect Mary Kaufman when they were hired to protect her cargo ships while they traveled across the sea.
  • Showtime (ショータイム Shootaimu?) is an actors' guild stationed on Nam Cobanda Isle.
  • Soft-Boiled Cerebellum (半熟の橋 Hanjuku no Hashi?) is a fortune-telling guild of which Zarshaan is a member. Zarshaan can be seen in Capua Nor, where she recalls Aifread's mantra, the "Sea Teachings".
    • Zarshaan (ザラシャーン?)
  • The Galactic Gearbox (銀環の征域 Ginkan no Sei'iki?) is a guild of which the father of Rhianna Kale (リアンナ・ケール?) was a member before he passed away. They have a shop in Nam Cobanda Isle. It is said that Kale learned how to refine Everlight there.
  • Crème de la Cuisine (食の花道 Shoku no Hanamichi?) is a gourmet guild. One of its members can be found in Nordopolica, looking for Patty.