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Guilds (ギルド Girudo?) are a systemic feature found in certain Tales games.


Tales of Innocence

Guilds are placed in most major towns in the game and signified by a white, circular icon outside the respective building. The guild feature is optional for players to embark on various missions, called guild quests, in order to obtain guild points, which are used to upgrade the party's rank in the guild; Grade, which is used to purchase guild items, such as the special jewels that allow the party to carry over various key elements of the game after completion; and Gald, which is the game's main currency. To embark on the missions the players select, they must venture toward a guild dungeon within the vicinity of the town they received the mission from, and each time they embark on one of these missions, the dungeon paths alter so that no mission has the same end point.

Tales of Vesperia

Guilds are comprised of people who have turned their backs on the Empire and been stripped of their rights as imperial citizens. According to Karol Capel, around ninety-percent of guilds belong to the Guild Union in Dahngrest, an association led by the Five Master Guilds: Altosk, Fortune's Market, Ruins' Gate, Soul Smiths, and Blood Alliance. Palestralle is a major guild independent of the Union. In the gathering of the world's leaders, Altosk and Palestralle are the major representatives called in for the guilds. Guilds traditionally specialize in a specific business or service. All members swear to uphold the guild's laws and are punished if they fail to do so. Members of guilds may only take one job at a time, and all jobs are taken through a formal oath, which acts as a binding contract.