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Gungnir A Go Go (TotA)

Gungnir A Go Go as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

This article is about the FOF change that is localized as "Gungnir A Go Go". For the Unison Attack and enemy attack that is named similarly, see Gungnir.

Gungnir A Go Go (ぐるぐるぐんぐにる Gurugurugunguniru?, "Round and Round Gungnir") is a strike arte that was introduced to the Tales series as part of the movelist of Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss.

Arte Description and History[]

Guru Guru Gungnir (TotR)

Guru Guru Gungnir as it appears in Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Abyss this arte is Light-elemental. Anise activates this arte by using Surge Breaker within a fully-charged Wind or Light FOF Circle. Anise then calls down a pillar of light with her staff while Tokunaga winds up. With a punch, Tokunaga sends the beam of light forward from Anise's position. This arte is duplicated with the same animation by the replica Gelda Nebilim, naming it Gungnir. Due to this different name in both Japanese and English media, the arte is considered to be unique and separate from Gungnir A Go Go.

In Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X, Couleur rolls around the enemy, damaging them.

In Tales of the Rays this arte is Anise's Wind-elemental overray mirrage arte. Tokunaga slams the ground with both hands, launching the enemy upward, before performing a wind-up right uppercut, sending them even higher. It then summons a spear of chiral particles as it spins three times before throwing the spear at the enemy. When it hits, the spear transforms into a violent vortex that has Tokunaga spinning.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Description: 連打で繰り出し、拳に魔力を溜め打ち出す技。

Japanese Quote: 神槍の一撃、ぐるぐるぐんぐにる!
Localized Quote: "Divine spear! Gugnir A Go Go!"

Tales of the Rays[]

User: Couleur
Japanese Description: クルクルクックルル!(ぐるぐると動き回って攻撃する)

User: Anise Tatlin
Japanese Description: 風雷の力を集約した槍を遥か彼方に全力射出する魔鏡技。目が回る~

Japanese Quote: 行くよー!やったるぞオラァ!…からの~、ぐるぐるぐんぐにる!目~が~ま~わ~る~……