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Gusios (ToV).jpg
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Entelexeia

Gusios (グシオス Gushiosu?) is an Entelexeia in Tales of Vesperia who is in charge of restoring the balance of aer.


Yuri Lowell and his friends first encounter Gusios, called the Dreaded Giant at the time, in Caer Bocram, being contained in the deepest part by a reverse barrier set up by the Hunting Blades guild. During a struggle with the Dragon Rider, the reverse barrier blastia is destroyed, and everyone but Karol Capel is forced to fight him. After the battle, he takes one look at Estelle and flees.

They soon encounter him again at the Erealumen Crystallands, where he was trying to absorb the red aer, ultimately causing him to lose his mind and lash out at everyone there. He is defeated by Brave Vesperia and turned into an apatheia, which Rita Mordio converts into the Spirit of Earth, named "Gnome" by Estelle. However, he is asleep upon his creation due to the amount of aer he consumed prior. Another side-effect of this is that he lost the ability to speak, so Sylph eventually translates for him.