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Hadlow Hollow
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Northgand
A cave system that lies beyond Beardsley. A river made of an oily substance flows within its depths.

Hadlow Hollow, Cavern in the Northern Marsh (北の洞窟ハドロウ沼窟?) is a cave system in Northgand in Tales of Berseria. The cave was formerly Dyle's hideout before he allied with Velvet Crowe and joined Van Aifread's pirates.


Hadlow Hollow is located north of Beardsley in the Figahl Icecaps, and is just a couple of short walks away from the village's back gate. The interior of the cave features hexagonal-shaped stalagmites and jagged walls reminiscent of basalt formations, and pools of tar can be found throughout the entire cavernous system. The largest tar pool is found deep within the cave, and is where Dyle originally made his home.


Velvet and Rokurou Rangetsu travel to Hadlow Hollow to look for Dyle after being told by a little girl in Beardsley about his whereabouts. Once they reach the deepest part of the cave, they find an exorcist drowning in a pool of tar, and Dyle immediately attacks them from behind. Velvet and Rokurou defeat Dyle, but before they could kill him, he decides to tell his side of the story. Dyle reveals that he was framed for smuggling by his guild in order to cover up their misdeeds, and as a result, he turned into a daemon, and vowed to take revenge on the guild one day. After hearing this, Velvet understands Dyle's situation and decides to spare his life. But in exchange, she cuts off his tail so she can present it back to the guild to convince them that he's dead.

Velvet and Rokurou later return to the cave after their plans to fix their capsized ship fell flat, and were being warned of a trap set up in Hellawes by Teresa Linares. They ask for Dyle's help to raid Hellawes and make their escape by stealing a docked ship at the port. Dyle agrees to help, thinking it would be a perfect opportunity to strike back at the shipping guild that framed him.