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Hakonesia Peak is a small area in Tales of Symphonia that connects the Palmacosta region with the Asgard region. It is home to the collector Koton.


Tales of Symphonia[]

When the group first visits the area, they go inside a house near the pass and speak with a man named Koton. Prior to this meeting, they had discovered that the Chosen impostors were going to sell Spiritua's Book of Regeneration to Koton, so they visit him in order to retrieve it. However, Koton refuses, but he tells the females of the group that, if they can get him the "Spiritua Statue" from a nearby House of Salvation, he will let them read it. Before the group leaves the area, they discover from a group of people that the Desians are heading to Palmacosta, led by their leader, Magnius. Because of this, Lloyd Irving and the others decide to go to the city to learn more about what is happening.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

When Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi visit Hakonesia Peak for the first time, they find Alice with some Vanguard members, who inform her that Colette Brunel is heading for Luin. Alice becomes irritated when she realizes that this is the area Decus oversees. However, she cheers up when she learns that Marta is going to Palmacosta and states that she is going to wait for her there. While passing Koton's house, Emil receives an vision in which Richter Abend attacks him in a rage. Marta worries for him, but Tenebrae says that his colors are returning to normal again. After this, it is possible to enter the Koton’s house, and he reveals that he is waiting for Richter. However, the trio does not learn anything more than that, as Koton throws them out of his house shortly afterward.