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The City of Blossoms, Halure (花の街 ハルル Hana no Machi Haruru?) is a small, scenic town located in the central part of Ilyccia in Tales of Vesperia. The town is famous for having a barrier blastia fused together with three blossoming trees that protect it from monsters. Its name is derived from those three trees: Harmonea, Luluria, and Renen.


Restoring the Barrier[]

Yuri Lowell, Repede, Estelle, and Karol Capel first visit Halure in order to find Yuri's friend, Flynn Scifo. Upon their arrival, they find that the barrier protecting the town is weak. Karol explains that, just before the tree blooms its flowers, the barrier has to first weaken. He then notices someone and runs off, leaving the others behind. Estelle proceeds to heal wounded residents with her powers and is subsequently thanked by the town's mayor. The trio then find Karol, who is heartbroken because his friend, whom he wanted to show the flowers to, left. Yuri, Repede, and Estelle then make their way to the tree, where the mayor explains that the tree is dying for unknown reason. They soon notice Karol again, who explains that the reason for the current state of the tree is because the soil surrounding it has been tainted with monster blood, which has poisoned the tree. He also explains that, to cure it, he would need a panacea bottle.

The group visits the local shopkeeper, he informs them that he is sold out of panacea bottles, but that if he had the ingredients, he could make them one. Karol claims they need a luluria petal, a nia fruit, and an eggbear claw, so the group decides to revisit the Quoi Woods in order to obtain the items. Afterward, they return to the shopkeeper, who explains to them the process of the item synthesis function and creates for them a panacea bottle. Upon using the bottle on the tree, they find it to be a moderate success, but not well enough. Estelle then pleads with the tree, causing the soil to be purified, which revitalizes the tree's health and reactivates the town's barrier. The residents are impressed by Estelle's miracle, but Yuri quickly notices Zagi and the red-eyes in pursuit of them. The group bids farewell to the mayor and flees to Aspio.

Letter from Flynn[]

Halure Emblem

The official emblem of Halure.

The group later returns with their new traveling companion, Rita Mordio, who wants to see Halure's barrier blastia. The mayor informs the group that Flynn has already left but claims he was surprised to see the barrier fixed. He also states that Flynn left a letter written on the back of a wanted poster calling for Yuri's arrest, with a bounty of 5,000 Gald. The letter states that Flynn will meet Yuri at Capua Nor's harbor. Afterward, Yuri finds Rita investigating the barrier and has a friendly chat with Estelle. As the group is about to leave, Yuri notices Estelle surrounded by the Schwann Brigade, attempting to have her return to Zaphias. Yuri intervenes, learning about the power of Over Limit in the process. After defeating them, the group notices the red-eyes chasing them, and Yuri informs Leblanc that it is a knight's job to protect people. Although Leblanc has a duty to arrest Yuri, he realizes he is right and must stop the red-eyes from harming innocent people, granting the group time to escape.


  • Halure is the starting point for Yuri and Estelle's adventures in the crossover Project X Zone. The distortion between dimensions stirred both the Halure tree and monster activity. Estelle determines that Halure's power is being drawn somewhere. The pair is then drawn with this flow to the Fujisakura, a similar tree with immense power that connects worlds.