Aselia Wiki
Hamel (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Euclid
Region Euclidian Continent

Hamel is a relatively small village in Tales of Phantasia. Located in the Kingdom of Euclid, it is situated between Lone Valley and Venezia.


Hamel is a simple town, slightly larger than Belladem, but smaller than major cities like Venezia and Alvanista. The famous Scarlet family, researchers of magitechnology, lives here. The mother of the family was a powerful mage who moved from Midgards to Hamel a few years ago and taught various people, including Demitel, the art of magic.

The protagonists enter Hamel to purchase ropes and a pickaxe that they will need to advance in Lone Valley. They later return to the village only to find it destroyed by Demitel, who was acting under the influence of Dhaos. Hamel was well-versed in the research of magical technology, which was Dhaos's primary reason for having it eliminated. The group meets Rhea Scarlet, who vows revenge and therefore accompanies them to Demitel's Mansion. However, Rhea herself is already dead and has borrowed the body of her friend, Arche Klein, to fulfill her task. Later in the story, Arche erects a tomb for her in Hamel.