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Harmentz Map (ToD PSX).png
Game Tales of Destiny
World Er'ther Lands
Country Seinegald
Region Northern Hemisphere
Ruler King Seinegald

Harmentz (ハーメンツ Haamentsu?) is a village in Seinegald that plays a minor role in the plot of Tales of Destiny. In Tales of Destiny 2, which takes place 18 years after the events of Tales of Destiny, the village is replaced with a valley that shares its name.


In the snowy border town of Janos, Rutee Katrea invites Stahn Aileron to accompany her and Mary Argent on their way to Harmentz in an attempt to steal Stahn's Swordian, Dymlos, while he is unaware. When they arrive in the village, Rutee asks a local about a rich noble named Walt (ウォルト?), who they discover lives in the biggest house in town. Inside the mansion, Rutee presents Walt with a rare item and demands a steep price of 100,000 Gald for it, which angers him. Stahn manages to quell the hostile situation, which prompts Walt to invite the trio to have dinner, an offer to which Stahn and Mary quickly agree, much to Rutee's chagrin. The two pass out after the meal, so Rutee takes them to the local inn. The following morning, the group awakens to Seinegaldian soldiers surrounding the inn, forcing them into a battle over Rutee's criminal actions. Afterward, Leon Magnus appears, easily defeating the group and arresting them to take them to the capital of Darilsheid.