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Harmentz Valley
Game Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Seinegald
Region Northern Hemisphere

Harmentz Valley (ハーメンツヴァレー?) is a location in Tales of Destiny 2. It is a mountain valley positioned in the area where Harmentz once was. Following Harmentz's destruction in the original Tales of Destiny, its residents migrated to Aigrette, and the area now lacks any buildings or inhabitants.


In their search for the girl they found in the Laguna Ruins, Kyle and Loni Dunamis visit Harmentz Valley upon exiting Darilsheid. They immediately spot a man, who informs them of a girl he saw just earlier, but she scaled down the cliffsides. Kyle and Loni do likewise, traversing the rugged terrain while manipulating their navigation via powerful winds spurting from the mountain. They eventually come across the girl's necklace, which they retrieve before continuing downward.

Upon finding the girl, they notice her looking for the pendant, so Kyle returns it to her and again stresses his importance to her. However, the girl remains vigilant in her stance that Kyle is not the hero for whom she is searching and leaves once more, refraining from giving the boys a chance to speak before her second abrupt departure. Kyle and Loni speculate that she may be headed to Aigrette to visit the hero Philia Felice, so they make their way back up the mountain and exit the valley to head toward Aigrette as well.