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Harold D. Morrison
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Residences Morrison's Home
Race Human

Harold D. Morrison (ハロルド・D・モリスン Harorudo D. Morisun?) is a minor supporting character in Tales of Phantasia. He is the grandson of Trinicus D. Morrison and a descendant of Edward D. Morrison. His role in the game's plot is optional.


In the future timeline of the story, Harold can be found at his grandfather's home near Volt's Cave and a mountain range in the Kingdom of Euclid. Living with him are his daughter and a traveling artist named Curio. Upon meeting him, Cress Albane recognizes him based on his familiar attire, a green robe similar to the ones his ancestors wore, and Harold likewise acknowledges the protagonists based on his grandfather's stories. When Claus F. Lester asks if Trinicus ever told Harold about the group, Chester Burklight interjects and expresses his disinterest in knowing the circumstances of their future, fearing it may influence how they act, much to Arche Klein's chagrin.

Claus withdraws his question, and Harold states that fate and destiny are paths that must be forged during one's life, emphasizing that the fate of every person is 99% predetermined. He then admits that Trinicus never told him what became of the group and that they can make of that knowledge however they please, but he believes it was because Trinicus held true to the 1% chance of the group bending destiny. The group takes this information and accesses it among themselves, interpreting what it could mean for their futures. Harold offers his home as a resting place before the group departs, expressing that he possesses neither the power nor courage his ancestors once did, so he will not be able to help them in their fight against Dhaos.