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Harriet Campbell
Harriet Campbell (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Werites Beacon
Age 9
Height 130 cm
Race Orerines
Japanese Voice Actor Chiwa Saitou
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Harriet Campbell (ハリエット・キャンベル Harietto Kyanberu?) is a character in Tales of Legendia. She is the daughter of Will Raynard and Amelia Campbell.


Main Quest[]

Harriet came to the Legacy in order to search Will out and punish him for leaving her mother behind on the Mainland. After landing on the Legacy, she became lost among the seaside cliffs until she met Senel Coolidge, who agreed to help her find her way to Werites Beacon. When they return to the city, she sees Will in front of his house but runs away before he can see her. At Port-on-Rage, she decides to rent a boat for Senel and Norma Beatty so they can go to The Crags before Will and Chloe Valens get there. At the Crags, Harriet and the others meet Poppo and decide to guide him to the Oresoren Village. After party defeats the "Dinogorgon" they head out of the area and go to the Oresroen Village. There, Harriet finally reveals she is Will's daughter. After arguing with Will for a while, Will orders Pippo to escort her back to Werites Beacon and leave her in the care of Madame Musette.

Harriet is not seen again till chapter five at the flower fields with Pippo and Grune tells both of them that the sea is crying. Two weeks after the end of the war, Harriet visits Stella Telmes's grave and thanks her for saving everyone. Harriet then goes around the city with Senel to give all the party members their medals from Gadoria. Harriet is only seen briefly during the events of the final chapter, she yells at Will for never paying attention to her and tells him to save the Mainland to protect Amelia's grave.

Character Quests[]

During Will's Character Quest, Harriet decides to go looking for a rare flower that grows only on the Legacy, which she knows was her mother's favorite, but is sidetracked when she finds an abandoned baby that has been left for Will. Harriet temporarily accompanies the party to take care of the baby while they track down the missing parents in the Great Hollow, and finds herself unwillingly impressed when Will gives the parents a lecture on the responsibilities of parenthood.

Shortly thereafter, Will travels to the Thunder Monument to perform an analysis on the "Ancient Pup" found in the Great Hollow. Harriet, Senel, and the others follow him and are attacked by the dark dragon "Fafnir", who breaks Harriet's precious hairpin. Will decides to search the Waterways for the flower Harriet was trying to locate, and brings it to her in an attempt to make things up with her. Following a heartfelt discussion, in which Harriet learns that Will and her mother discovered the flower together aboard the Legacy and named it "Harriet" after her, Harriet finally lets go of her hatred and begins to accept Will as her father.

Harriet appears at the end of Grune's Character Quest during the final confrontation when Schwartz sends clones of her self to attack her, Musette, Ed Curtis, and Isabella Robbins in front of Musette's house. When the party tries to use their Super Sacred Eres to stop Schwartz, Harriet and the others get Sacred Eres and defeats the Schwartz clones. After defeating Schwartz they go in front of Will's house to see the Summon Spirit, Celsius awakening from her seed.

Appearance and Personality[]

Harriet has short, light brown hair and carries her signature "Harriet Flower" hairpin on the left side of her head. She wears a long and bright gold dress, short red boots, and carries a brown purse on her side. Harriet seems to always be angry at Will for what happened in the past, but after the events of the Character Quests, she is more kind to him. She also has an occasional tantrum when people do not follow her orders. A horrible trait she obtained from her mother was the inability to properly prepare food.