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Harry (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Hometown Dahngrest
Race Human
Occupation Member of Altosk

Harry (ハリー?) is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia. He is the grandson of Don Whitehorse, and a member of Altosk.


Yeager tells Harry that the Don's friend, Belius, is captured by a monster in Nordopolica, so he takes the Hunting Blades with him. When they get there, Harry discovers that Yeager had lied to him. In their obsessive fervor of killing every monster in sight, the Hunting Blades attack Belius. Estelle's attempt to heal her inadvertently results in Belius going berserk, forcing Brave Vesperia to kill her. Angry at himself, Harry mopes at how his naiveté killed Belius as he and Brave Vesperia return to Dahngrest with her apatheia.

After the Don commits seppuku in atonement for Belius's death, Harry finds Karol Capel outside an inn and lets him borrow the Don's sword to become stronger. This happens for three nights until Karol finally surpasses Harry, gaining the "Special" skill.

Appearance and Personality

Harry is a man with blue eyes, blonde hair, and a scar across his nose. Due to being the Don's grandson, Harry has had it difficult to live up to the reputation set before him.