Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Age 38
Height 174 cm
Weight 68 kg
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Vanguard
Weapon Claws
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuji Kishi
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Hawk (ホーク Hooku?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.



According to a skit, when Alice joined the Vanguard, Hawk was the head of the Vanguard's combat unit. Both apparently battled it out for his position, and Hawk lost in a really bad way. As a result, Hawk bears the scars from that battle on his back, which form the words "Alice's Pet", making him one of Alice's subordinates.

World in Discord[]

Hawk is first seen standing outside the mayor's office in Luin after Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi return from Lake Sinoa Cave. He demands Marta hand over Ratatosk's core, and she will be let back into the Vanguard. Marta refuses and Hawk sends his men to battle them. After the battle, Emil and Marta run to the fountain with Hawk and his unit close behind when they are attacked by Magnar and the Church of Martel.

Troubled Heart[]

After Emil and Marta go through Asgard looking for the mayor a huge wind starts to pick up. They decide to hide in the ruins until the wind dies down. When it does stop they step out and see Hawk talking to Alice. Alice is asking Hawk if he had found the blond haired chosen. When he tells her he has not she gets angry and starts to beat him with her toy rapier. Marta mentions that Alice had taken Hawk's position of leader of the combat unit through a brutal battle. Later, when Alice attempts to kill Marta and Emil, she has Hawk and two of her monsters, Athos and Portos, battle them once Colette saves Marta.

Dark Premonition[]

DotNW Opening Hawk

Opening still from Dawn of the New World.

Hawk is present for the Vanguard's invasion of Altamira, and is given the bomb detonator by Alice in the casino. However, this is stolen and eaten by Tenebrae. In anger, Hawk attacks Emil and the others but is defeated. Brute Lualdi arrives and Hawk attempts to take down Emil one more time. He grapples with Emil and Brute picks up a dagger and stabs at the preoccupied Emil. Emil shifts Hawk into the path of Brute's attack, which kills Hawk and distracts Brute long enough for the heroes to escape.