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Heat River
Game Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Calvalese
Region Western Hemisphere

Heat River (ヒートリバー?) is a location in Tales of Destiny 2. It is situated in between the port town of Cherik and Hope Town, two of the only settlements on the desolate continent of Calvalese.


Kyle Dunamis, Reala, and Nanaly Fletcher make plans to cross Heat River in order to reach Nanaly's home, Hope Town, where Loni Dunamis and Judas are. Upon leaving Cherik and arriving at the river, the trio immediately notices the intense heat being put off, which Nanaly states is fairly abnormal. When they reach the bridge, they are shocked to find it entirely submerged in the boiling water. Nanaly comments that the river is usually very low and does not produce such an intense heat, leading to her speculation that something is causing the phenomena up river.

The trio follows the river upward, hiding themselves behind large enough boulders to block the harsh heat waves. In the cave housing the river's waterfall, the group finds a boulder blocking another exit of the water, which is causing all the water to spill into Heat River and overflow. Kyle and Nanaly move the boulder and balance the water flow while Reala rests, weary from the heat. Suddenly, a large monster appears and forces the trio into combat. Upon its defeat, the group makes their way back down the stabilized river and exits on the other side to reach Hope Town.