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Heidelberg Map (ToD PSX).png
Game Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Phandaria
Region Southern Hemisphere
Ruler •King Sark (ToD)
•King Garr Kelvin (ToD2)

Heidelberg (ハイデルベルグ Haideruberugu?) is the capital of Phandaria in Tales of Destiny, playing a pivotal role in the game's plot. In Tales of Destiny 2, which takes place 18 years after the events of Tales of Destiny, the capital retains its power, having undergone reconstruction following the events of the prequel.


Heidelberg is a large snowy city that serves as the home of the protagonist Garr Kelvin, a prince of the monarchy who becomes king after the death of his father, King Sark (国王イザーク?). During the events of Tales of Destiny, the protagonists pursue Lydon Bernhardt to Heidelberg, where they are finally able to confront him and retrieve the Eye of Atamoni atop the city's massive castle. In Tales of Destiny 2, the capital undergoes reconstruction following the devastating events of the prequel, with the city being divided into two sections: the new side, featuring a museum, and the old side, which houses the castle. The protagonists in this game work with Garr in protecting the city and overcoming the dangers that threaten the world by time-traveling to different eras. Due to the destruction of Janos and Cyril following the events of the prequel, the residents from these cities have migrated to Heidelberg.