Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Southeastern Continent
Ruler Elf Elder

Heimdall, the Hidden Elven Village (エルフの隠れ里ヘイムダール Erufu no Kakurezato Heimudaru?) is the legendary home of the elves, hidden deep within the Ymir Forest in Tales of Symphonia.



Half-elves are singularly banned from entering the village's gates due to acts committed by a half-elf to the elven race hundreds of years prior to the events of the story. Stories celebrating Mithos as a hero are also banned within the village, and the Storyteller was consequently forced to relocate to Latheon Gorge because of this. The few half-elves born within the village are allowed to stay as long as they never leave or cause problems.

Tales of Symphonia

When Lloyd Irving and his companions first arrive in Heimdall, Genis and Raine Sage are halted by the Heimdall guards and barred from entering due to their half-elven race. Later, when Lloyd returns to fight Kratos Aurion, he persuades the elder of Heimdall to allow the half-elf group members to come inside Heimdall and provide him with moral support. The night before the fight, the companion Lloyd talked to in Flanoir will ask him to come outside and meet with them. This is where the companion asks Lloyd if he or she can come with him on his journey to collect all of the Exspheres. After Lloyd's fight with Kratos, as the collapsing Tower of Salvation is raining chunks of debris upon the world, Lloyd and his companions assist in finding some of the elves trapped in the rubble of the village, including the elder. Incidentally, Heimdall is also the location where Genis can learn Meteor Storm, but only after the village has crumbled. It is also here that Lloyd discovers Noishe's true race.