Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Region Northgand
Ruler Teresa Linares
The seaside principal city of Northgand. The city acts as a major trading hub, sending the resources of the north to the rest of the kingdom.

Hellawes, Tranquil Boreal Capital (静かなる北の都 ヘラヴィーサ Shizukanaru Kita no Miyako Heraviiza?) is a location in Tales of Berseria. It is a city situated on Northgand's western peninsula, on its eastern coast. It is governed by Teresa Linares.


During Velvet Crowe, Rokurou Rangetsu, and Magilou's escape from the prison island of Titania, they capsize in Northgand's western peninsula due to their inexperience in navigating the seas. From there, they head to the nearest town in search of a ship that will take them to Loegres and sneak into Hellawes, following a malak boy through a hidden passageway into the town's port warehouse.

While searching the town, they come across an exorcist praetor of the Abbey, Teresa Linares, who foresees all actions and is the city's commandant. The shipping guild causes a commotion about a man called Dyle and are blaming him for the workload being left to them in his absence. Teresa questions Velvet about her temperature coinciding with her loose and revealing outfit before taking her leave. Velvet asks the guild for their help to fix their capsized ship, but they explain that they can't do that because one of their members, Dyle, has turned into a daemon, and the Abbey has halted all guild business until he is taken care of. Velvet agrees to kill Dyle in order to gain the guild's assistance.

After Velvet and Rokurou defeat Dyle in Hadlow Hollow and hear out his story, Velvet decides to spare Dyle's life in exchange for his tail to convince the guild that he's dead. The guild agrees to help fix their capsized ship, but once they get there, they explain that the damage is beyond repair. While returning to Hellawes, Magilou gets captured by Teresa, and decides to inform her of Velvet and Rokurou's whereabouts. After the guild warns Velvet about a trap set up by Teresa, they return to Hadlow Hollow to get assistance from Dyle to raid Hellawes and make their escape. Velvet and Rokurou head through the main gates to stall the Abbey, while Dyle sneaks in through the hidden passageway to set the port ablaze. During the commotion, Velvet and Rokurou battle Teresa and her two tethered malakhim, and they defeat her. Velvet steals malak Number Two and orders him to unleash a fire arte to finish off Teresa, and the group escapes by ship with Number Two in tow.

Later, Velvet's group returns to Hellawes to search for a therion at a nearby earthpulse point. By this point, Teresa is no longer governing Hellawes as a result of her failure, and most of the Abbey exorcists have trailed off to the Faldies Ruins. They learn from the townsfolk that a woman named Medissa opposed the Abbey because her daughter Diana was killed by exorcists when she turned into a daemon. As a result, Medissa was captured and taken to the Faldies Ruins. The group heads over to the ruins to find Medissa, who is now a therion, being held prisoner. However, Medissa reveals that she wanted to become a therion willingly to eliminate the malevolence that turned her daughter into a daemon, and as such, has sided with the Abbey. The group defeats her, and after some convincing from Laphicet regarding Kamoana's loss of her mother, Medissa faints, and the group trails her off to Titania.