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Hima, the Village of Adventures (冒険者の集う村ハイマ Bouken-sha no Tsudou Mura, Haima?) is the last town visited by the Chosen's group before entering the Tower of Salvation for the first time in Tales of Symphonia. A quaint cliff-side village, Hima offers few amenities, but it does house convenient dragon transportation that the group uses in reaching the Tower of Salvation.


Tales of Symphonia[]

Before being able to enter the Asgard Human Ranch, the group must visit Hima in order to find a man named Pietro, who escaped from the ranch and has something to tell the Chosen. However, Pietro is not in a mentally sound state, prompting the group to first aid him. Raine Sage later does so with the Resurrection spell she learned through the book left behind by the healer Boltzman. When the group later visits Hima, they go to the top of the village's mountain to see the Tower of Salvation, and there, they meet a dragon tamer who offers his services to the group for a fee before realizing they are the Chosen's group and offering the ride for free.

The night before the group leaves, Lloyd Irving has the opportunity to speak with each of his companions and can continue the training sidequest with Kratos Aurion if previous requirements have been completed. The next day, Lloyd witnesses Kratos speaking to Noishe before a man appears and prepares to attack him. Lloyd shouts at Kratos, which alerts him of the danger and allows him to defend himself. Later in the story, a sidequest reveals this man to be Yuan Ka-Fai.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, Tenebrae, and Colette Brunel visit Hima in search of a winged dragon and are met by monsters invading the village when they arrive. Finding the leader of the monsters and defeating it, the group is thanked by a baby dragon for defeating its father's killer. Colette wonders if the dragon tamer she met two years prior was also killed, but the baby dragon assures her that he managed to flee. As thanks for killing the monster, the baby dragon agrees to form a pact with Emil. Later in the story, it is revealed that both Alice and Decus are from Hima, and in the last chapter of the game, it is possible to meet Decus in Hima to listen to his and Alice's story, as well as why he is so devoted to serving Alice. He also reveals that a shard from a demon's bone was the cause for the monsters in Hima.