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Appearance Tales of Innocence
Race Deity
Japanese Voice Actor Kaori Nazuka
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Himmel (ヒンメル Hinmeru?) is a god who was once the beloved student of Orifiel, as well as one of the pillars of Devaloka in Tales of Innocence. His reincarnation is Albert Grandeioza.


Himmel is first mentioned in a flashback involving Orifiel and Asura. In the scene, Orifiel informs Asura that Himmel has been killed and questions if it was due to his own betrayal or some attempt to warn others. Asura suggests that it may have been for both reasons before mentioning that Orifiel joined him in order to save Himmel. Orifiel curses himself for having been glad when Sensus won the war, stating that he forgot about Himmel despite the fact that Himmel was still waiting for him. Asura apologizes, but Orifiel rejects this apology, claiming that Asura and Himmel's will were the same and that he will honor Himmel by serving Asura, who then vows to gain the Manifest from Cerberus.

The first flashback that actually depicts Himmel, however, occurs when the group fights a grotesque monster in the Remlace Marsh. After its defeat, the monster begins calling to Orifiel or anyone to save him. The voice appear delirious and confused as to where his body and the members of Sensus are. Ange Serena comforts the monster before a scene in which four green crystals communicate with each other plays. They mention how Himmel has been corrupted by Sensus due to Orifiel being too lax with him. The elders decide to execute Himmel so that, due to his status as one of the pillars of Devaloka, the news will spread to Sensus. Afterward, Orifiel is shown approaching the confined Himmel, who tells Orifiel that Ratio has "strayed from the path". Orifiel agrees and informs Himmel that he has formed an alliance with Asura and will rescue him, but Himmel stresses that Orifiel will be branded a traitor as a result. However, Orifiel remains steadfast in his decision and leaves, while Himmel comments that he trusts Orifiel and knows he would never betray him.

Himmel Skit (ToI).png

Later in the story, another flashback depicts Himmel speaking with Orifiel once more, commenting on how the Ratio leaders fail to realize the importance of reuniting Devaloka and Naraka. Orifiel vows to save Himmel and curses Himmel's predicament before Himmel comments on the twisted nature of things, citing the corrupt Ratio system and how illusionary utopia seems. Himmel states that he will wait for Orifiel forever before the screen fades to black. At optional scene depicts Orifiel being assigned by Ratio's elder council to teach Himmel, as he had just recently been reincarnated, revealing that Himmel is in at least his second incarnation, with Albert being at least his third.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Punishment Permit in Tales of Innocence R.

Himmel has a highly feminine and androgynous appearance. Although his age is never stated, official supplemental materials lists him as being in his early teens. He has fair skin, light-purple eyes, and very long blond hair that is braided into a long ponytail and wraps around his neck. His attire consists of a revealing white, gold-trimmed robe that opens in the front and trails to the ground in the back. He wears a small pair of shorts, while his forearms and lower legs are covered with a gold fabric that correlates with the piece of clothing that covers his upper torso. Personality-wise, Himmel is hinted at being wise beyond his years, making him Orifiel's favorite pupil, despite also being immature at times.